8 perfect responses to rude stranger comments for foster and adoptive parents

When foster and adoptive parents go out in public, we all get some crazy, insensitive, rude, or genuinely curious comments from strangers. I want to be kind, and even educate if I can, but not at the expense of my child who is watching and listening. If you’re like me, I always come up with the best comments ten minutes too late!

Here are 8 comments we get as parents and perfect responses to shut down rudeness and give a little education, without embarrassing our children:

“They look nothing alike, must have been the milk man?!”

Families don’t have to match.

“Are they all yours!? You must be running a daycare?”

Yep, all mine, they are so awesome!

“You need to teach that brat a lesson!”

One lesson I will definitely teach him is not to make rude comments to strangers, because people are fighting battles we know nothing about.

“Lady keep your legs closed and stop sleeping around”

It takes more than DNA to making a family.

“Her hair looks so nappy!”

Thank you for caring, I would love to know what product you recommend.

“You don’t need any more kids.”

It can be hard, but every good thing in life is.

“Are you their real mom/dad?”

Real mom/dad!? As apposed to a fake or invisible one? Last time I check I’m a real parent and this is a real kid!

Oh she’s a pretty girl! Is she mixed? Mixed with what? Are you still with the father?”

Yes I agree she’s beautiful, and smart! (then walk away)