Stop controlling your foster (or adopted) kid. What to do instead. (Shocked me too!)

I like reading directions before diving into a project. My husband is more of a start now and check the directions when you get stuck kind of person.  I once built a twelve-foot-long farmhouse table and two long benches out of reclaimed wood for our extra-long dining room. We can comfortably fit sixteen around it […]

How adoption pushed one mom to depression + suicidal thoughts. A story of overcoming.

Guest written by Mendy Shriver of gospelcenteredhealth.com When my daughters finally came home, I relentlessly tried to bond with them. They were ten and eleven years old and I had missed so much of their lives. I was determined to meet their needs and create a healthy attachment between us. In the messiness I became […]

Stop being overwhelmed in 3 steps, for foster and adoptive parents.

For many of us who are living with wounded and chronically anxious children, we absorb that stress ourselves, to the point of developing secondary trauma reactions. Being in a state of high alert, always vigilant, and often anxious and depressed ourselves, can make accomplishing basic tasks and time management difficult.  When we operate from our […]